Monday, October 30, 2017

Helen and Rob

Helen and Rob met 3 years ago at a Running Club.. and then fell in love..

They wanted to visit the Lake Anne Reston  to celebrate both  engagement and wedding.

We started by walking away from the crowd.... 

We "borrowed" the arch from one of the residences... 


I told the new couple that since they never had their first dance...they should do it that day..

I didn't ask them for my signature dip, but I did overhear the word "dip"... 

and it was sweet and perfect..

the next one is not part of our photography session but i will give them this photo below for keepsake anyway (keeping it real! :D ).

that guy was at the dock since 3:00 pm and i was wondering when he will start with his thing...  i guess he was just waiting for a perfect audience... these two! 

since they met at a running club, i told them let's go running, and both said "nah"... haha... so they switched to their athletic outfits..

This couple  is just easy going and fun to photograph :)

We made some kids wait for their turn :)

they played the game of "tag"....

and more "tag"... :)

and this might be my favorite shot.. i was afraid i wouldn't be able to fit them in there together, but they did fit (WHERE ARE THE SEATS?!)........

Finally, we needed something to reflect "fall", we spotted a good enough tree and voila!..

Then the two headed off to their dinner date..

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.

Rob and Helen!

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