Friday, April 28, 2017

Jay and Krista's Wedding at the Black Horse Inn... Rain, First look and Encounter with the horsies :)

My first meeting with this couple was at the Black Horse Inn…
I fell in love with their venue … farm, barn, horses… outdoor beauty.  And the couple knows exactly what they like to happen during their big day.

BUT then the wedding day came,

and the weather did not cooperate… but that did not affect Jay and Krista’s happy and excited mood.  Walking back and forth from the main venue to the other building under rain and a little bit of mud was a challenge.. the groom offered me an umbrella so I can go to Krista and her family for portraits.

I did bring my own umbrella ;-)

Little does Jay know that Krista and her group are cooking up a surprise number for him to be rendered after the ceremony ;-)


Krista is full of energy and enthusiasm… She infects people around her and yes, definitely, no sign of any panic in her. Like time is not an issue… we ran a little behind that we were unable to take photos of the family before the wedding but the bride conquered her wedding…with the support of sisters, mother and best friends.  She said something about my photos that inspired me more and I thanked her for it.


The “first look” photos was not how I knew it was gonna be.. it was even better. They made a game for Jay and the groomsmen.  I was tempted to help out in opening the nail polish :p

And the prize,  is for Jay to see her bride …


It was emotional, even for me..  Krista said “that’s sweet” and everybody else thought the same. 


A mini-celebration between Jay, Krista and their gang in front of my camera, before the wedding:


And they said “I do”.


And Krista’s surprise gift to the groom… is the song entitled “all u need is love”… with full musical cast.


And my favorite part of this wedding of course, is being with the bridal party, Jay, Krista and yes,….

… the horses. 


The guys wanted some photos with the umbrellas, so wish granted J



And guess who walked in, in the middle of our shoot?


To Jay and Krista, congratulations guys! You’re both sweet people and may the bliss and success of marriage be yours always.