Monday, June 4, 2018

Lauren and Brent - Destination Wedding at Zion Springs @ Hamilton, Virginia

A month before their wedding, I have met with Chris, the bride's dad and Cara, the wedding coordinator. Jon, the venue owner, gave me a tour of his wonderful spot in the inner side of Loudon county. Zion Springs is definitely a promising venue and everybody was looking forward for the big day of Lauren and Brent's outdoor wedding.

Although weather did not cooperate with us, Jon, Cara, staff and the couple's family all managed to pull it off when the whole event was moved indoors.

When I got there, only the boys were kinda ready..

in their matching stripe orange socks :)

Then I head to the other barn where the girls are..
Lauren definitely is stunning!

We had a little break from the rain, it was still muddy but at least we got to take some photos kinda outside..

She really does not like posing.. but I love this bride " unposed " !!! and thanks to her cheerful and persuasive friends :)

And rain stayed with us but who cares?
Zion Springs indoor setup for their wedding ceremony was perfect and moody..

Now welcome the couple!!

There were special dances with special people..

Of course, they needed some laughs from their loved ones/ friends at the reception...

Congratulations Lauren and Brent! Camera-shy couple but so full of fun, sweetness and love for each other...

But wait, they are not done yet... one of the highlights of their celebration is some line dancing!

Venue:                         Zion Springs Bed and Breakfast;
Caterer:                       Zion Springs;
Wedding Coordinator: Cara Hughes;
Photography:              Jen Wright Photography and Steven Wright;
DJ:                              Jon Tigges;
Band:                          Herman, and company;
Bridesmaid dresses:   Mother of the Bride (Jean)

Monday, October 30, 2017

Helen and Rob

Helen and Rob met 3 years ago at a Running Club.. and then fell in love..

They wanted to visit the Lake Anne Reston  to celebrate both  engagement and wedding.

We started by walking away from the crowd.... 

We "borrowed" the arch from one of the residences... 


I told the new couple that since they never had their first dance...they should do it that day..

I didn't ask them for my signature dip, but I did overhear the word "dip"... 

and it was sweet and perfect..

the next one is not part of our photography session but i will give them this photo below for keepsake anyway (keeping it real! :D ).

that guy was at the dock since 3:00 pm and i was wondering when he will start with his thing...  i guess he was just waiting for a perfect audience... these two! 

since they met at a running club, i told them let's go running, and both said "nah"... haha... so they switched to their athletic outfits..

This couple  is just easy going and fun to photograph :)

We made some kids wait for their turn :)

they played the game of "tag"....

and more "tag"... :)

and this might be my favorite shot.. i was afraid i wouldn't be able to fit them in there together, but they did fit (WHERE ARE THE SEATS?!)........

Finally, we needed something to reflect "fall", we spotted a good enough tree and voila!..

Then the two headed off to their dinner date..

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.

Rob and Helen!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rachel and John's Wedding at Downtown Frederick

 I arrived at the venue an hour early.. nobody's at Mcclintock Distillery yet except the staff i guess... 
I already loved the lit scene so I took some photos before the bride and groom arrives...

Rachel and John are gonna have their first look and I suggested that we walk to the downtown area/park for it.. 

On the way out, the mother told me that the vehicle outside is the cake delivery. 

Apparently, the bride owns the business... I was wondering what a funeral car is doing outside a wedding... 
"Cakes To Die For"... catchy name, right? 

The plan was that the boys and me will wait by the bridge,.. 
let's see what happens.

and there she is....... 
Look at that big big smile from John.......

They both started to show their silly side :) :) :)

Now, let's involve the other members of the party, shall we?!

Back to the venue, let's get these two lovebirds hitched!

What's the other good thing about this wedding? ? ?

the food and the cake, of course!!! 

They cook food in front of you, I had to try them myself :)

I almost forgot............... 
did I already mention they like to be silly? 
Here's John and Rachel again....

and yes of course, we need a finale pose, 
as we say Congrats to our bride and groom....