Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Engagement at the Mall

I met the couple Avery and Nick, at Rock Mill Park in Alpharetta, for the first half of our engagement session.

We started walking the short trail inside the park, I was trying to get to know my couple,

"Avery works for the foreign exchange students.. and she is gonna visit a Phillippines university that same month, how about that... to my birth land :) "

we also did some warm up shots by the bridge, and on our way out, Nick and Avery spotted a deer...

Wow, i pulled out my camera and tried to take their photo with that moment... I could not get a clear shot, but with a little help from editing, here's what their photographer got:

We started heading to the Avalon Mall for the rest of the session. 

This time it was Avery guiding us to the spots, even the good restaurants to try out ;-)

I would say, during our session, we got lucky, because when I went back with my own spouse and kids to the mall, they won't let me take photos of my family,

"Professional cameras aren't allowed at the mall... iphones are okay and point and shoot cameras", said the guard.

So i put my DSLR away, and took photos with my phone.

Back to Avery and Nick, our finale photo was an idea that came from Avery herself... 

we had to stop a couple of times for cars, but this is the picture she wanted, and I love it:

Congrats Avery and Nick on your engagement!