Friday, October 3, 2014

Christine + Phillip Engagement at Waterfalls Mill Park (Return to Sweet Home Alabama)

On my way to the session around 8AM, it was still very foggy...
I was already excited to see this park and finding it, was a challenge... but somehow somebody posted on the internet the exact address "115 Waterfall Way, Fayetteville, GA".

Am so psyched!! This was the setting for the movie Sweet Home Alabama.. :) (a Reese Witherspoon and Patrick Dempsey fan).

Finally, Christine and Phillip arrived and they were both excited to shoot as I am...
We had fun with our shots and our final ones were taken by the water itself,
they took their shoes off btw and never hesitated to soak in the water...

 Congratulations Christine and Phillip!!!

Engagement Photography in the heart of the Historic Senoia

How does a photographer turn her settings from one mode to another?
Imagine this, I am a fan of the tv series The Walking Dead... I did not know that my next engagement session will be at one of the shooting locations of the series when I booked the couple.
I got to find out about it the day before of the session as I was looking for the best restaurant to meet Audrea and Joe.
And there stood in my computer monitor are photos and articles about Downtown Senoia and where scenes from the past seasons of TWD was shot, and the latest news is that they built a wall just in the heart of the downtown for future scenes.
This kinda make me worry a bit (excitement for the TWD aside). What if it's closed right now and we've got no areas to shoot my engagement :(
Well, arriving at the area finally, the place is quieter than "dead" itself... we (with my assistant/s and also fans of TWD) took photos in the area, of the infamous "Woodbury" and the "railroad" and the "TWD walk of fame".  Last but not the least, we tried to see if the official TWD souvenir store is still open, unfortunately, they're closed by 5pm.  We still manage to just take photos outside.
And then it was time to leave my buddies and meet my couple.....I have to switch to "professional" mode =)
I love Audrea and Joe. They were shy in the beginning as the couple thought they are are overly dressed for the session. I didn't think so... they were cute and honestly, they blended with the Senoia's downtown scene! We even finished earlier than I thought, the session was so smooth....
My clients were so sweet... they found out I had to drive an hour to get to them and told me to drive home safely.
We parted ways satisfied with our photoshoot and I have to switch back to "play" mode.
I took more photos of the TWD scene with my buddies. On the way back home we spotted a Krispy Kreme restaurant, headed in, watched how doughnuts are fried and glazed.. ate most of the dozen we got, and had free coffee.
At home, I edited my photos and sent them happily to Audrea and Joe.  The bride-to-be responded quick and they're considering to hire me on their wedding on May 2015!!

Meanwhile, me and my buddies might be back when the crowd in Senoia is full because TWD is actually filming ;-)