Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Engagement at the Mall

I met the couple Avery and Nick, at Rock Mill Park in Alpharetta, for the first half of our engagement session.

We started walking the short trail inside the park, I was trying to get to know my couple,

"Avery works for the foreign exchange students.. and she is gonna visit a Phillippines university that same month, how about that... to my birth land :) "

we also did some warm up shots by the bridge, and on our way out, Nick and Avery spotted a deer...

Wow, i pulled out my camera and tried to take their photo with that moment... I could not get a clear shot, but with a little help from editing, here's what their photographer got:

We started heading to the Avalon Mall for the rest of the session. 

This time it was Avery guiding us to the spots, even the good restaurants to try out ;-)

I would say, during our session, we got lucky, because when I went back with my own spouse and kids to the mall, they won't let me take photos of my family,

"Professional cameras aren't allowed at the mall... iphones are okay and point and shoot cameras", said the guard.

So i put my DSLR away, and took photos with my phone.

Back to Avery and Nick, our finale photo was an idea that came from Avery herself... 

we had to stop a couple of times for cars, but this is the picture she wanted, and I love it:

Congrats Avery and Nick on your engagement!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Wedding at the Dekalb Historic Museum

So i got put on the back with the the grooms men and the groom... it's a super cramped room and the guys are supposed to hide until the processional... And since we ran out of time before I could take photos of the men before the ceremony, I had to grab the opportunity...

but great, the room is cluttered and yes, I said, cramped,

but with a little help from the decorations crew, and even the officiant (she was in there too)...we started cleaning up the long table, and here's one of what we got:

Remember these men, because I love them, they had pure energy during and after the wedding..

But first, the experience of the wedding itself,

Everybody was crying from the bridesmaids, David was teary eyed but you can see and feel the happiness..

I was touched too... and the sax tune, before Ashley came in, wow...

And when the ceremony was over, the emotion got overturned with joy...

We had fun, fun, fun taking photos outside... I had to steal the bride and groom from their friends...

The celebration ended at the reception with a touching speech from both the bride and the groom,
it was indeed a special day not only for two people, but with their family and friends.. and even family that are missed...

For me it was also emotional, remembering a parent as well... but on top of it all, the wedding was a success and this one will always be one of my favorites...

Congratulations again David, Ashley, the Campbell and Harris families...

Thank you for letting me photograph you guys.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Best of 2015

I received this email last night....

Thank you to my clients for the opportunity and the nice reviews.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Photographers Convention

Had a blast at the Imaging USA 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee.
I attended at least 5 full classes and visited the exhibit with my hubby.

I was inspired by the ff. speakers: Tim Kelly, Gary Hughes and the others.

Loved the scenery inside the Gaylord Opryland Resort.
Here are a few of the photos I took during the 3 day convention:

a model posing at one of the booths:

my hubby posing for me after we checked out the exhibit:

After a class, finished late so it was dark by the time we got out and I was urged to take a photo of this fountain...

I'm just a fan of clocks:

my family stayed in the vicinity of "The Library" while waiting for me to get done with my last class:

And this was taken at our hotel: