Friday, November 11, 2016

Sarah and Alvaro's Wedding at the Fernbank Natural History Museum

I rarely blog about both the engagement and wedding of the same couple (just trying to squeeze in a time to do it :))

But I can't pass on this couple.

I simply loved the aura that their wedding gave from start to finish.

Yes, it's probably partly the venue, where they also had their engagement session, but this time the setting was entirely different. Not only, there were dinos in the background, but they themed the wedding for the Oct. 31 holiday... with masks and pumpkins.

As I wait for Sarah to put on her dress, I shot the details of her wedding dress, etc..
I spot a dinosaur outside our window,

She started getting ready...

Alvaro is definitely glowing with joy Sarah walks down the aisle ..

Here comes Sarah..

And my favorite bride and groom photos:

Don't forget about the dinosaurs...

But again, I had to say it one last time, I simply loved the aura that their wedding gave from start to finish.... everybody was kind, and having fun, in a not rowdy way...

the groom and some of the guests were comical, really having fun with everybody,

to the Aunt. I forgot if Beth was her name,who showed us around when we got to the venue,
the bridesmaids who assisted me in getting shot details during bride preparation,
one of the groomsmen who brought us drinks, just right after the wedding,

to all their guests,

thank you..

but most of all, to the bride and groom, both down-to-earth, thank you for making our job as photographers fun...

A long and lasting marriage to both of you Sarah and Alvaro... we hope you love your photos.

Engagement at the Natural History Museum

 They wanted to celebrate their engagement by taking photos at their future wedding venue. 

Even busy with museum goers, it did not stop us :) 

We stayed clear of the dinosaurs ;-) 

 Note Sarah's custom-art shoes, this guy gave it to her when he proposed!