Monday, January 4, 2016

Chattanooga Trip

Our day trip to Chattanooga started at 8am.... with just a tiny bit of typical mild traffic in I-85/ 285, we were in Chattanooga by 10am.

Our first stop off was the Raccoon Mountain. We decided to check them out first by doing the Crystal Palace Tour.

Awesome!! We were 135 feet underground inside this cool place :) Next time, we'll be back for one of their Wild Cave packages :)

Our next stop was the Lookout Mountain.... we opted out of the Ruby Falls and drove up instead to the National Park..

Fascinating scenery as well... and the kids had fun playing pretend with the cannons... :) worth the wet socks and shoes (lawn was wet)... 

Next stop, Chattanooga Choo-choo... 

We almost missed lunch because we were having so much fun visiting Chattanooga... we spotted Popeye's so we filled our hungry bellies first before we continued on this one-day adventure. This next one is what I really wanted to see, the Walnut Street Bridge.. and it did not disappoint..

at the other end of the bridge was Coolidge Park, where the kids (and "big kids") rode the big antique carousel... I won't post photos, come and ride for yourself... :) I had to take turn with my hubby because one ride for me was long and making me dizzy... Even in Atlanta, you can't ride a carousel for $1...

We stayed long time by the riverside... maybe all the rains or just because it's that time of the year, water level has gone up and covered platforms... so we could not get down as low as we wanted.. but we were still able to take lots of selfies :) Am still deciding on which one will be my next profile picture :p

We barely had enough energy to walk back to our end of the bridge, but it was so enjoyable... the rainy weather held up for us.. chilly but not cold, perfect!

Our last stop before heading home was the Tennessee Riverpark, beside the Chattanooga State College.. they have a play ground, but what were we thinking, our kids have no more energy :p

Yes, that guy silhouette who's photobombing my images above is my fantastic hubby who took us to this awesome day trip..

Oh yeah, we were not really done. We stopped by the Dixieland to get a few fireworks for next day's New Year! 
How about that, we made it home by 8pm :)

If this is TripAdvisor, this is how I  will rank the attractions (and my family agreed):

#1 - Raccoon Cave (Winner for us)
#2 - Walnut street bridge (and coolidge park)
#3 - Lookout mountain
#4 - Chattanooga choo-choo (not much to see but still cool...., in Duluth,GA we have to pay to see old trains)

#5 - Tennesee River Park (would have had a higher rating for us if it's a different time of the year and we get to be at the piers)

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